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What do the Gel Blaster Battery Charger Lights Mean? Red vs Green and Flashing vs Steady?

The gel blaster battery charger lights can be confusing until you learn what they mean. Different brand chargers may have slightly different indicator lights, but they are all pretty similar. Watch the video to find out what they mean.

How To Tell If Your Gel Blaster Gun Is Charging?

It’s quite easy to tell when your gel blaster splat ball gun is charging. The charger of these toy guns usually has two LEDs, one red and one green. While the red LED indicates that the charger is connected to the power source or if the battery is bad, the green LED indicates the charging process.

On most chargers, the red LED glows solid when plugged in to indicate that it has power. When you connect your gel blaster battery to the charger, you will notice that the red LED is glowing solid, and the green LED is blinking until it is fully charged. This is how the Splatrball SRB1200, SRB400, SRB400-SUB, and SRB375 work.

However, some other brands of chargers have a red LED that turns on and stays solid in no-load condition. But, when a battery is connected, the red LED turns off, and the LED turns green and starts blinking. Some chargers may also have yellow or other colors for the indicator. However, one thing is common for all chargers: THE LIGHT BLINKS DURING THE CHARGING PROCESS.

How To Read The Gel Blaster Charger Indicator Lights

  • Solid Red = No battery connected (if your battery is connected and it's still solid red, then your battery is bad because the voltage is so low that the charger is not detecting the battery)

  • Solid Red and then turns off after a while =No battery connected (if your battery is connected and it's still solid red, then your battery is bad because the voltage is so low that the charger is not detecting the battery)

  • Flashing Red (No Green) = Faulty Battery (Replace the battery)

  • Flashing Green + Solid Red = Charging

  • Flashing Green (No Red) = Charging

  • Solid Green (No Red) = Fully Charged

  • Solid Green + Solid Red = Fully Charged

How Long Does It Take To Charge The Gel Blaster Splat Gun?

The charging time for Gel Blaster gun batteries varies from model to model due to the difference in electric power capacity and voltage. It is also dependent on the power supplied by the charger adaptor. The time required to charge an 1800 mAh battery would be much more than the time required to charge a 500 mAh battery if using the same charger.

This Splatrball brand charger has an output current of 1.0 A (1000 mA).

This generic gel blaster charger also has an output current of 1.0 A, and can be used for any 3 pin gel blaster battery.

This generic gel blaster charger has an output current of 0.5 A (500 mA). It will charge slower.

This battery for a pistol sized blaster has a capacity of 500 mAh

In general, the charging time of a gel blaster battery can be calculated by using the following formula:

Charging Time (hours) = Rated Batter Capacity (mAh) / Charger Power Supplied (mA)

If using a charger with 1.0 A charge current:

  • A 500 mAh battery will charge in 0.5 hours

  • A 1200 mAh battery will charge in 1.2 hours

  • A 1800 mAh battery will charge in 1.8 hours

However, the charge current does decrease as the battery reaches max capacity, so it usually takes 3-4 hours to completely charge all gel blaster and splatter ball gun batteries.



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