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About us

Engineerable was born to solve problems. We started off helping artists achieve their creative vision in public spaces by using 3D CAD design, FEA structural simulations and interfacing with structural engineers. Public art must be approved by certified structural engineers, but this is not so straightforward. Structural engineers are familiar with buildings and house designs. Sculptures are completely out of the box, and require a different approach to determine structural integrity.

From there we moved to designing our own products, manufacturing them and selling them. The design and engineering process of any product is a time consuming endeavor and very challenging. However, we've found that taking a product to market and consistently supplying a product is much more challenging.

Our Team.

Daniel "Bambu" Bauen

Founder, Mechanical Engineer

Helton "Magrao" da Silva

Lead Engineer, Machinist

Kwadjo "Ticum" Danso

Marketing and Media

Tatiane "Lutadora" Pontes

Knife Making Assistant, Assembly, Art

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