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Engineerable News

Resin 3D printers have a much higher resolution than most other 3D printing technologies, especially the desktop FDM printers. The downside is that most of the standard resins are brittle. There are several companies developing much stronger "open" (can be used with most printers) resins that rival the strength of FDM printable materials.

Siraya Blu

This material is very strong, but fractures under bending loads rather than defo...


This is the pump I ended up buying, and it is amazing. Freein Triple Action Hand Pump

The triple action works great, easy to use, and makes pumping very fast.

In combination with this Ryobi 18V Inflator I can inflate the paddle board in record time. I let the Ryobi 18V battery powered inflator fill the board with air, and then start at stage 2 of the triple action pump. The Ryobi 18V inflator is also good for quickly def...

After weeks of trying on and off to upgrade one of the Dell Precision T3600 computers in our office from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I finally found the problem an

How to build a dust collection shoe for the Tormach CNC milling machine, and other (bridgeport style) machines that have a similiar style spindle.

I'm assembling a camera rig for shooting video using the iPhone (or Android smartphone), and need dual channel (stereo) mic inputs. By default, the audio jack on these phones is 2 channel out, one channel in (TRRS type connector). So it's only possible to have mono input if using the headphone jack. Therefore, the only way to get stereo input is to use the digital input, Lightening or Micro USB connector, on the phones.

I've fo...

The AGM house batteries in my Sprinter based RV are starting to perform very poorly. It's time for an upgrade, and I don't want to go the AGM lead acid route again. I've been keeping an eye out on LiFePO4 batteries because 4 cells in series works well with a standard 12V DC system.

An ebay seller had an interesting packaging for a 12V 100Ah pack. He was putting them into metal ammo boxes PA-19, and including a balancer and a...

We've discovered an easy way to convince backers to double their pledges. This works particularly well with Early Bird pledges, or offering a second item at a discount.

Usually one of the lowest pledge levels only includes 1 item, and often times these are EB pledge levels. You can tell people on the Kickstarter page, or in the pledge description that they can add extra $$ or double their pledge for more than one item, but of...

Marketing agencies that work with you to promote your Kickstarter campaign will need to be added as a collaborator and given a specific amount of permissions. Figuring out which permissions to give them can be tricky, so here's a guide.

The most basic permissions that a marketer will need is the ability to "view backing activity and access the backer report". This gives them the ability to create tracking links so they can se...

Animated Gifs are a great way to show potential backers how something appears or functions without having to watch the project video.

The trick to creating a good animated gif is to resize it to the Kickstarter image width (680px wide) and keep the file size to a minimum (5-10mb) so that it will load quickly.

Beware the 3 ring circus!

I've seen many campaigns with way too many animated gifs. Sometimes almost every image is an ani...

One common question from Kickstarter backers is, "How do I change my delivery address". If the creator has allowed the option for backers to be able to change delivery address, then follow these simple steps.

  1. Click on your icon in the top right.

  2. Select the project that you backed and want to change the address.

  3. On the project page, click on the blue "View Pledge" button on the right side.

  4. A new page pops up....

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