Current & Past Projects.

Projects big and small. This is only a small sample of design projects that we're allowed to show you...

3d Printable DIY Coronavirus Mask
Coronavirus Mask designed to be 3D printed and DIY
Skyty Drone by SkyMul
Assisted with fabrication and engineering
Lucid Sci Immediate Cell Analysis
Mechanical engineering consulting and fabrication advice.
Tree of Life Sculpture
CAD design and engineering for public artwork by Robert Witherspoon
CNC Router Controller Replacement
Rewiring a K2 CNC Router using a Centroid Acorn Controller
3D Printer Design & Use
Designing 3D Printers, modifications, and applications.
TimeDock Sleep Easy
TimeDock Sleep Easy created for the Pebble Rocks Boulder hackathon event
6 Axis CNC 3D Scanner Calibration Machine
Designed and built a 6 axis CNC machine for calibrating 3D ear scanner
Sample Swiper
Automated equipment for biological media transfer studies
DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal
Using long lasting 18V drill batteries for extended use of DJI Osmo & keeping the phone charged.
Fidget Bot
Balancing wooden robot built for trade show attraction.
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