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Install a Shop Sink Without Plumbing | Unboxing & Review Serene Life Large Portable Sink SLCASN25

In this video, I'll show how I installed a shop sink where there was no plumbing access. The portable sink I used is the Serene Life SLCASN25 which I purchased here.

This specific portable sink has a much larger basin than the standard portable sinks. That makes it also useful for washing parts and leaving them to dry.

The shop area with the tools, CNC machines, and work areas where we are most likely to get our hands dirty and need to rinse parts is in the back of our building. There's no plumbing or drains back there, so we spend a lot of time walking back and forth to the sinks in the front office of the building.

I was thinking about hacking together a portable sink using the following parts, but when I came across this premade portable sink, it seemed like a lot easier solution. Here are the parts that I planned to use for the DIY sink:

If you need heated water, you could use a 5-gallon bucket heater blanket, put a lid on the bucket with an insulation blanket to cover it. - 5 Gallon Bucket Heater Blanket -

CONCLUSION: We've been using it for a while now, and the convenience and time savings far outweigh filling it and emptying which is easy. We've only had to empty and fill about once a week.

The products shown here were purchased by me with the intent to use. I did not receive any free items, and I am not being paid or compensated for this review. The video and description may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link, I may receive a commission. Money earned helps to support my channel and bring you more informative videos about engineering, crafting, and DIY


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