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How To Make Mosquito Killer Trap Using a Bug Zapper & Bucket (DIY Homemade Gravid Autocidal Ovitrap)

DIY simple and effective mosquito trap and kill using a bug zapper and stagnant water to attract mosquitos looking to lay eggs. In order to reproduce, mosquitos must find stagnant water to lay their eggs. A bucket filled with stagnant water is a very attractive egg-laying repository, but it's a trap! When the mosquitos attempt to access the water, they get zapped. The blood-sucking mosquito is killed and has no chance to lay its eggs, so the reproduction cycle is stopped.


▶Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer, 1 Acre Coverage -

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UPDATE - The Flowtron bug zapper appears to have a poor lifespan, and stops working after 1-2 years. Since we're only interested in using the zapper grid, there are these electronic circuits that are sold to attach to a bug zapper grid.

This works best if you remove all other sources of stagnant water for the mosquitos to breed, and only provide ones like this that are traps. Then the mosquitos will have no choice but to attempt to lay their eggs in the traps, and will get zapped.

Mosquito traps that can kill the pregnant mosquito while it is searching for water to lay its eggs are called lethal autocidal gravid ovitraps, and are known to be effective at controlling mosquito populations. Here are some commercialized examples.

I've tried a few of these, and did not like them. They rely on things that need maintenance and replacement, like glue strips to catch the mosquito or poison to kill it. The bug zapper requires electricity, but no maintenance or cost of replacement.

I will have to determine efficacy by seeing if there are fewer mosquitos in the area. The mosquitos get completely disintegrated, so it will be difficult to tell how many mosquitos get zapped. Eliminating all other stagnant water sources will be key, such that they will only come breed in the trap. I have a small frog pond (no fish) that I keep stocked with mosquito dunks to kill any larvae that hatch. It has been extremely effective at reducing mosquito population, but since it doesn't kill the egg layer, they will go find other spots to lay eggs. Unfortunately, I can't control what my neighbors have around collecting water. So, this trap that kills the egg layer should be even more effective.


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How To Make Mosquito Killer Trap Using a Bug Zapper and Bucket (Gravid Autocidal Ovitrap)

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