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DIY Shoulder Pad for KRIG DSLR and Film Camera Rig

Note: This tutorial shows how to make a shoulder pad using the DIY method. The shoulder pads on production KRIGs are made using more highly repeatable methods using laser cut foam and metal.

Cut out a piece of aluminum 3in wide by 12in long. The aluminum must be thin enough to bend into a curve to fit the shape of your shoulder.

Find a piece of thick foam that will make a suitable shoulder pad. Mark out the size of the foam using the aluminum piece, leaving a 1/4in extra border of foam around the aluminum.

Bend the aluminum into a curve that approximately fits over your shoulder.

Use 3M Super 77 spray adhesive to attach the foam to the aluminum. Spray the adhesive onto the aluminum, and quickly apply the foam. Press the foam onto the adhesive for a few minutes to ensure a strong bond.

Mark the center, and then mark 2 drill holes 8mm to either side of the center mark. These are the screw holes for attachment of the shoulder pad to the rig.

Drill out the holes, passing all the way through the foam. Careful not to tear the foam, as it may have a tendancy to wrap around the drill bit.

Insert screws through the foam side, and place T nuts on the other side.

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