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Open Source DIY Shoulder Rig V1.1

Changes from V1.0

  • Addition of industry standard 15mm rail adapter. Accessories that work with the 15mm diameter, 60mm spacing rails can now be attached to the rig.

  • New hand grips. Using Mushroom style bike grips. These are comfortable, nonslip, and the mushroom cap rests on the top of your hand.

  • Foam shoulder pad, comfy

  • Handle and microphone support that goes above the camera

  • Added counter weights. Aluminum bar stock for now, but need to find something better.

  • Mounting for Zoom Mic, or other 1/4-20 threaded accessory using an angle bracket.

  • Installed a Manfrotto 577, which was a royal pain, because the screw holes in the base are not lined up with the camera attachment screw on the quick release plate!!! The plate centerline is offset to the left from the base centerline by about 5mm. Very frustrating. Will order a Giottos MH621 next, because it costs less, and is centered. But, it's not plate compatible with the Manfrotto.

In the video below we're testing the amount of weight and placement necessary for a balanced feel. The weight will eventually be closer to the shoulder, and lower.

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