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T1N Mercedes Sprinter Van Maintenance - Dodge, Freightliner


The stock turbo resonator finally split open several years ago enough to start leaking oil. I replaced it with an aftermarket Dorman brand resonator that was recommended as a stronger alternative. What I missed though is that the o-ring that comes with the Dorman part is crap and will fail and leak within a few years, and that is exactly what happened. The Mercedes brand o-ring is said to be superior.

  • Good o-ring - Mercedes P/N 013 997 84 45

  • Someone measured the stock Mercedes o-ring 1.7" ID, 2.1" OD and 0.2" Width

  • Those measurements coincide with a #327 o-ring. Why not use a quad seal (X) o-ring? They offer superior sealing in many ways to a standard o ring.

  • Chemical-Resistant Viton® Fluoroelastomer O-Ring, X-Profile, 3/16 Fractional Width, Dash Number 327


This pump runs all the time, and the brushes wear out within about 2 years. A brushless motor version would last longer.

Since the connector is different, and I cannot find a mating connector for the old pump, I may hack the connector part off the old pump, and solder that to the wire leads that come with the new connector.

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