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Li-ion and Li-Po Safe Charging and Storage solutions for preventing fires and reducing toxic fumes


Ammo Box Style Enclosures

Ammo boxes have been proven to contain lithium battery fires.

  • The gasket needs to be removed to allow the box to vent. That means that toxic fumes and smoke will still escape and damage the area they are in. Flames can also shoot out the gap between the body and lid and burn things closeby.

  • Adding insulation on the walls using cement wallboard or ceramic wool insulation to reduce the heat transmitted to the outside of the box. Ceramic wool needs to be in capsulated to protect the fibers.

  • Adding dividers forultiple batteries. Dividers should be made from a fireproof material, like cement wallboard or ceramic insulation board.

  • Add a vent filter to reduce toxic fumes. Vent filter housing and connection need to be made of metal.


The enclosures need ventilation, which also requires filtration to reduce the toxic fumes being vented.

  • Organic vapor and acid filtration

  • The canister needs to be metal so that it doesn't melt

  • Unless kept sealed, the canisters need to be replaced every 1-2 years.

Off the shelf filter options



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