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Upgrade Dash Air Vents For T1N Sprinter Van 2001-2006 Replace Fragile Vent Grills

The T1N Mercedes / Dodge / Freightliner Sprinter van dash air vents are notoriously horrible. I haven't bothered replacing the dash covers because I'm concerned that the new ones will break just as easily.

I was searching for Android Auto options and came across this Sprinter Forums post where someone was showing their setup, and had interesting swivel vents. They said that they 3D printed the adapters for the swivel vents, and had to Dremel the vent out a little for it to fit. It could be made to look a little nicer.

Since the airflow damper control is retained, you don't need vents that can close. I would prefer some simple ball vents that have less airflow obstruction for less noise, like these.


I will see if the ball vent housing will fit inside the vent without any dremeling mods. If not, I could design the new vent cover to incorporate only the ball and ditch the housing that it comes with to make it more form fitting. I expect the vent to stick out a bit from the original level of the dash.



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