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Easy TRACER DRUM MAG MOD for Gel Blasters SPLATRBALL GUN SRB1200 with Glow Gel Balls | SPLAT-R-BALL

This tracer mod for the SPLAT-R-BALL SRB1200 Gel Blasters DRUM MAG is super easy and does not require soldering. All you need is a 5V UV LED strip, and a euro-style terminal strip block Very simple to DIY for fun nighttime play.


▶ USB 5V UV LED Strip -

▶ Euro Style terminal blocks -


▶ Glow In The Dark Gel Balls: (GelStrike is the only brand I have found that works in mag fed blasters)

▶ SplatRBall SRB1200 Kit (Shown in this Video):

▶ SplatRBall SRB400 Kit (Orange, With Stock):

▶ SplatRBall SRB400-SUB Kit (Blue, Without stock):

▶ Gel Blaster SURGE (Watch the other tracer video for this one) -

▶ SplatRball 20K Orange Ammo -

▶ SplatRball Blaster 400 Round Capacity ORANGE Magazine -

▶ SplatRball Blaster 400 Round Capacity BLUE Magazine -

▶ SplatRball Blaster 1800 mAh Rechargeable Battery with Charging Cable -

▼ WHERE TO BUY TOOLS (soldering iron not necessary for this mod):

▶ Cheap, but good enough for this soldering iron -

▶ Nice, but more expensive 75 Watt Soldering Iron Station - - Watch my video about this soldering iron -


▶ Products we make:


▼ Tracer Mod Video Chapters:

00:00 Shooting Glow in the Dark Gel Balls Demo

00:13 5V UV LED Strips

00:39 Euro Style Terminal Strips for electrical connection

01:01 Cut UV LED Strip to length

01:17 UV LED Strip USB power cable

01:33 Take apart the Splatrball 1200 round drum mag

02:06 Where to install UV LED strip

02:26 Trim plastic away from mag top for space for LED strip

02:53 Attach UV LED strip to the gel ball feed tube

03:25 Cut the power cable shorter

03:36 Wrap UV LED strip around the gel ball feed tube

04:03 Trim plastic around lower part of feed tube

04:32 Connect UV LED power wires to the mag wires using terminal strips

07:12 Testing the UV LED connection before assembling

07:33 Trim plastic on mag front cover to clear the UV LED strip

07:54 Put drum mag back together

08:12 Test fire glow tracer drum mag before adding gel balls

08:33 Test fire glow in the dark gel balls with the tracer drum mag mod!

Easy DRUM MAG TRACER MOD for SPLATRBALL GUN SRB1200 Gel Blaster with Glow Gel Balls | SPLAT-R-BALL - 8% with no soldering image

The products shown here were purchased by me with the intent to use them. I did not receive any free items, and I am not being paid or compensated for this review. The video, description, and comments may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link, I may receive a commission. Money earned helps to support my channel and bring you more informative videos about engineering, crafting, and DIY.


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