This is the pump I ended up buying, and it is amazing. Freein Triple Action Hand Pump

The triple action works great, easy to use, and makes pumping very fast.

In combination with this Ryobi 18V Inflator I can inflate the paddle board in record time. I let the Ryo...

After weeks of trying on and off to upgrade one of the Dell Precision T3600 computers in our office from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I finally found the problem an

How to build a dust collection shoe for the Tormach CNC milling machine, and other (bridgeport style) machines that have a similiar style spindle.

I'm assembling a camera rig for shooting video using the iPhone (or Android smartphone), and need dual channel (stereo) mic inputs. By default, the audio jack on these phones is 2 channel out, one channel in (TRRS type connector). So it's only possible to have mono inp...

The AGM house batteries in my Sprinter based RV are starting to perform very poorly. It's time for an upgrade, and I don't want to go the AGM lead acid route again. I've been keeping an eye out on LiFePO4 batteries because 4 cells in series works well with a standard 1...

FidgetBot was built as an interesting attention grabbing display for a tradeshow. It's a balancing robot that is remotely controllable from a phone app.

Watch the video to check out what Fidget Bot can do.

We experimented with using a FocusShifter follow focus on the DSLR CAT Rig. It works quite well, even with the long focal travel of the 70-200mm lens.

The DSLR Cat is designed to move the weight of the camera back and over the shoulder, thus making a more well balanced rig that requires less counterweight. The overall result is that the whole rig is lighter, and is less tiring to keep on the shoulder for long periods...

Note: This tutorial shows how to make the DSLR CAT frame using the DIY method. Before cutting, and wasting pieces of nice wood, I tested out different designs i

Note: This tutorial shows how to make a handle grip using the DIY method.The handle grip is printed using a 3D printer. Cut a 200mm piece of 20mm t-slot extrusi

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