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POWERMATIC 1150 Drill Press Maintenance, Manual, Table Lift, 110V VFD Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter and Other Mods




Variable Speed Belt Drive

The variable speed belt replacement # is 1922V443 and can be purchased here on Amazon.




Table Lift Using a Chain Hoist

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) 110V Single Phase to 3 Phase Motor Driver

There wasn't 3-phase power available where I wanted to use the drill press. A single-phase to three-phase VFD can be used to run the drill press motor from either 110V or 220V. The correct input voltage VFD has to be purchased for either 110V or 220V. The motor HP limit is much lower on the 110V, but enough for this drill press motor.

Another advantage of the VFD is that it allows full-speed control. Although this works quite well, the stock 3 phase motor was never designed for speed control from a VFD, so it loses torque at slower speeds below 50%, and sometimes the controller will stop. At 100% it never has any issues driving the motor.



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