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Upgrade SPLATRBALL SRB400 to Metal Gears and Stronger Spring for Higher FPS to Shoot Faster & Harder

Splatrball SRB400 (and SRB1200) have weak plastic gears that can strip easily.

If Splat-R-ball Gel Blaster is making a high-pitched whining noise, the plastic gears are stripped and need to be replaced. They must be replaced with all-metal gears for extra durability. Splatrball guns have a gearbox that is very similar to airsoft V3 gearbox.

In this video, I show how to upgrade the Splatrball gearbox to all-metal gears with a stronger spring. The main purpose of this upgrade is to replace the plastic gears that strip and break easily. A gel blaster that doesn't fire and makes a high-pitched whining noise has stripped its gears, usually the motor pinion gear strips the bevel gear. The gears need to be replaced. There are no plastic replacement gears that match the original gears, particularly the unusual dimensioned piston plunger. The plastic gears would eventually strip again anyways. So upgrading to the metal gears will repair the gearbox, and increase the durability of the blaster.


Plastic sector delay chips. [UNTESTED - I 3D printed one] May or may not work. Can easily be trimmed to adjust. Matrix SHS Airsoft Long Duration AEG Sector Gear Delay / Chip for Standard Gearboxes ID: 37214 (Parts-UFC-GB074OS)

Piston Head - This piston head (MATRIX is SHS brand) is recommended by airsofters. Matrix Silent Piston Head for Airsoft AEGs Model #: PH-PT001

McMaster only has VITON brand o rings. Viton is a fluoro elastomer, and therefore probably the same or similar to the "flourine rubber" o-rings. Chemical-Resistant Viton® Fluoroelastomer O-Ring, 2.4 mm Wide, 20.3 mm ID

Tube that should work as piston plunger shim (untested but dimensions and material seem similar to what I used) Wear-Resistant Nylon Tube, 1/32" Wall Thickness, 7/8" OD, 13/16" ID, 5 Feet Long -

Lubricant for gears, piston, and o-rings -

Gearbox Springs for V3 (optional, you only need this if you lose some springs) - Version 3 Gearbox spring set. or this set.


▶ Screwdrivers - or


Watch this video where I take apart the SRB400 gearbox (same gearbox as SRB1200) to show what's inside and how it fits together.

[Full-length video]

[Part 1: Disassembly only]

[Part 2: Reassembly only]


▶ SplatRBall SRB400 Kit (Orange, Shown in this Video):

▶ SplatRBall SRB400-SUB Kit (Blue, Without stock):

▶ SplatRBall SRB1200 Kit (I haven't tested this one yet):

▶ SplatRball 20K Orange Ammo -

▶ SplatRball Blaster 400 Round Capacity ORANGE Magazine -

▶ SplatRball Blaster 400 Round Capacity BLUE Magazine -

▶ SplatRball Blaster 1800 mAh Rechargeable Battery with Charging Cable -


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