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The laser engraving turned out looking awesome!!! They are serialized, and this is the first one to be engraved and completed. We actually don’t know who is getting #1, because they got mixed up before shipping labels were applied. We considered serializing to match the backer #, but the logistics of that due to different colors and other factors would have made that a nightmare.

Laser engraving Kickstarter Edition #1


The picture below shows the main assembly station. This is where all the pieces come together.

  • At the top is a sheet of suction cup base pieces.

  • To the left are the charging modules.

  • The blue thing in the center is a screw presenter. It helps to manage the tiny M2 stainless screws.

  • Below the screw presenter are 2 rows of charging module faceplates.

  • To the right is a TimeDock having its screws tightened using a torque limiting assembly screwdriver. Torque limiting screwdrivers are used in the assembly of almost any product that has screws. It has an adjustable torque limit setting, that once achieved, turns off the screwdriver. This removes any operator error of under or over tightening the screw.

Tightening the screws on the charging module during assembly.

The packaging is nothing fancy for right now, since we’re trying to get these out to you ASAP. We don’t have time to include instructions, but if we did, it would go a little like this:

1. Peel off the clear protective layer of the suction cup base. 2. Plug microUSB cable into a USB power source. 3. Dock your Pebble Time, Time Steel, or Round to charge. 4. Enjoy! 5. Simple enough?

There are more detailed instructions on the TimeDock product page.


This first batch of shipments that’s going out is Silver, Black, and GunMetal. There’s no particular order to the shipments.

Adding the microUSB cables, and wrapping for shipping.

Adding the microUSB cables, and wrapping for shipping.

Boxed up ready for shipping labels.


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