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Self Cleaning GoPro Lens

There are situations where it would be nice to have a self-cleaning GoPro lens like any time water or schmoo can splash on a GoPro camera lens. In my situation, I use the GoPro inside a milling machine, and coolant will spray onto the lens.

Spinning Lens Concepts

Clear-View Screens


Looking at the Rotoclear patent for their cameras, the concept is pretty simple.

  1. The lens spins on a central motorized axis. It can spin up to 10,000 rpm.

  2. The seal between the spinning lens and the housing is a labyrinth-type seal.

  3. Positive air pressure is used to keep out liquids, dust, etc. A compressed air line is connected to the camera body housing.

    1. The larger roto-clear window also uses compressed air to keep out liquids and debris.

DIY Spinning Lens Designs

Turbo Visor

As ridiculous as the Turbo Visor design appears, it seem to still be available today. Mostly used by kart racers.

Airknife Concepts


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