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MICRO DNC 2 CNC Drip Feed Controller | USB to RS232 |

The stock memory in a HAAS CNC machine pre-2007 or so is only 1MB (however there is 16MB onboard, but it is locked). You can pay $$$$ to unlock the 16MB. The only way to load files is to use the floppy drive, or over RS232 serial. The floppy drive has a limited capacity and the file still needs to be copied over to the machine to run, taking up precious memory space.

I purchased the Micro DNC 2, because it allows you to upload files (no size limit) from a USB key to the HAAS CNC through RS232. If the file is too large to upload in memory, it can drip-feed the file over RS232. So far it has worked great. Here are some videos about using it:


The HAAS TM-1 from 2005 was equipped with a floppy drive and only 1mb of memory. I needed an easier way to upload programs (via USB or WIFI) and storage for larger programs (drip feed). The MICRO DNC 2 looked like the perfect solution to solve both of those problems. Let's take a closer look.

The Micro DNC 2 arrived well-packaged. I was only able to find this product shipped from Vietnam, so it must be a Vietnamese product. It is now also available on Amazon with quick shipping. It includes a power adapter and a serial cable, both of which had cords too short to reach the front panel from the connections on the rear of the CNC mill.



The MICRO DNC 2 has been working great so far, but suddenly it was saying that there's "No System Disk", which means that it was no longer recognizing the internal micro SD card. Watch how I fixed that issue:



Here are links provided by the seller ( ):

You can copy the software I have saved in the device memory and install on your computer, or you can download it by following the link below.

You Can download instructions for connecting WIFI with DNC2

You can see the instructions for connecting DNC device and computer via WIFI network by following the link below

HAAS TM-1 Milling Machine Memory Upgrade Using DNC File Transfer and Drip Feed Device Over RS232 Serial Port


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