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MARKSMITH Production Samples #2 Have Shipped - KICKSTARTER Update #8

A few backers have been asking for more regular updates. I'm the "save it up and pack a lot of info into one update" kind of person. I will try to be the "spread it out into more regular updates" kind of person for you all. Therefore I'll save some (non-critical) info for another update.

Production Status

The machine shop has confirmed that the 2nd Production Samples have been shipped, so I am now waiting to receive those. I spoke with them on a regular basis during the machining, going over details and changes to make sure that everything is perfect.

Watch this YouTube video for more details about the 2nd production samples. The images and videos are from the machine shop. I do not yet have them in hand. Once I do, I will take more pictures and video of them to share with you.

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel, where I publish videos about the MARKSMITH, future Ti EDC products, and other things we make at Engineerable, like the KRVR Chef Knives.


Packaging design and sustainability always weigh heavily on my mind when making a product. I generally try to keep the packaging to a minimum and make it either reusable or recyclable. For the Marksmith I'm choosing a metal box with a foam insert, so it will be both reusable and recyclable. If you are giving the MARKSMITH as a gift, it is a nice gift box If you want to keep it to store your MARKSMITH, you can do so and it won't degrade. If you want to recycle it, the metal can be recycled with steel products (food cans), and use the foam as extra padding next time you ship something.


There were a lot of comments about the large logo on the clip that I posted in the prior update. That image was actually a mistake. I forgot to change out the image before publishing the update. I was trying out different logos on the clips, and I posted the wrong image. However, it seems that the consensus is it would still be too large, and many of you expressed that you liked the design on the Kickstarter with a clean clip. Looking at it more, I tend to agree. I spent a lot of time on the clip design and slapping some writing on it really throws off the aesthetic. So, I'm going to keep the clip clean and free of text. I will still be putting a small logo on the side of the body, at 90 degrees or 180 degrees of the clip in the closed position. Something more discrete. I won't let the logo hold up shipping. If it is going to add time, I will ship without it. I will talk more about the logo in a future update. Thank you, Daniel and Team Engineerable


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