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MARKSMITH Logo or Lack Thereof - KICKSTARTER Update #10

The overwhelming feedback from everyone has been "no logo", so that's what I'm planning to do. I've heard from many backers that the minimalist and clean appearance is what made them pledge for the Marksmith, so I won't be changing that. Therefore, there will be no logo on the marker body for all Kickstarter backed Marksmiths. Watch this video where I discuss some of my thoughts on a logo for post-Kickstarter Marksmiths, and also the packaging design. I'd like to hear your feedback on those ideas.

I do want to investigate logo designs and locations for the future (post Kickstarter). There have been some interesting location suggestions:

1. On top of the rounded end

2. The underside of the clip

3. On the slide that the clip is attached to (it is hidden until you extend and rotate the bolt)

4. Next to the threads on the tip, such that you have to unscrew the tip to reveal the logo and a serial #

I plan to add a design to the metal box, and ultimately a cardstock sleeve that slides over the box (this is likely going to be for post Kickstarter units). Are you a graphic designer that could help with the logo design, or a packaging designer who could work on the layout of the cardstock sleeve design? I would love to have the Kickstarter community contribute to these design elements.

MARKSMITH is the name of the titanium marker. SOUL BUILT is the brand that I have recently created that will encompass the EDC gear and KRVR kitchen knives that we make. (If you haven't seen my knives: and )

For me, there's a lot of meaning behind the brand Soul Built. It truly describes what we do to take these designs from ideas to real products in your hands. I will delve deeper into the meaning later.

Production Update

It took longer than expected to review details and discuss production with the machine shop after the second sample set. The production downpayment (which covers the first half of the Kickstarter orders) has been paid, enough material and tooling for 5,000 Marksmiths was ordered. The first batch of 500 Marksmiths is currently about 30 days out. I was told that the next batches will take less time than the first because the material and tooling will be ready to go.

Thank you,

Daniel and Team Engineerable


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