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Is It Any Good? LONGER RAY 5 10W Laser Cutter & Engraver. I assemble, setup and review.

How to build and assemble the LONGER RAY5 10W laser cutter and engraver.

I show every step in close-up detail of how to assemble this laser. Watch the video:


There are a few tips to building it that we're not mentioned in the instructions.

1. The inside corner brackets. Don't tighten the screws right away. Loosely tighten both screws first, allowing the bracket to move to the right position. Then fully tighten both screws.

2. Belt tightening. Loosen the coupler on the shaft that connects the left and right sides. This allows the sides to move independently. Tighten both belts. Move the X gantry to the front of the machine, and set the left and right positions to the same distance from the front. Tighten the coupler.

3. Cable support and strain relief. Add something to better support the cables so that they don't flop over so easily.


▶ LONGER RAY5 with 10W laser - (Direct from Longer) or (from AMAZON) or



Laser Enclosure With Exhaust

Any of these lasers that are shown being used indoors without an enclosure is ludicrous. The fumes made by cutting or engraving are not only smelly, but also toxic. A lot of micro particles are released in the fumes which are dangerous to your health. This laser can not be used indoors without an exhaust system to extract all the fumes and dust. The manufactures know this and sell an enclosure separately. The reason they don't include it with the laser kit is because all these companies are competing for the cheapest cost.

LONGER sells an enclosure for this laser, but any brand laser enclosure that is large enough will work.

The dimensions of the LONGER enclosure are 27.5in x 27.5in x 13in tall and has a 4 inch diameter exhaust pipe.

They show a PC style fan being used, which might be ok, but I would probably use a stronger fan. Also, it's better if the fan is outside of your workspace so you are pulling the air out of the enclosure, pipe and workspace and creating negative pressure. If the fan is mounted at the enclosure and pushing air through the pipe, any leakage will cause air to escape in the workspace. This may seem like a non issue, but believe me, it doesn't take much to stink up your workspace, and it is very difficult to seal a positive pressure exhaust system.


A cutting grid is essential for laser cutting any material. It allows the laser to pass through the material without hitting another material on the back. Without the cutting grid, the smoke and fumes will get trapped under the back side, the heat will get concentrated on the underside of the cut causing excess melting or charring.

The laser cutting grid works well with air assist, allowing the air assist to blow freely through the cut.

Air Assist

Although an air assist is not critical to laser cutting function, it helps tremendously. It improves the cut quality and cutting speed. The air assist is a combination of an air pump and special nozzle that directs the pressurized air flow straight into the cutting area. This keeps the cut cleaner and blows out burned/ablated debris to make it easier for the laser to cut. It also reduces the chance of flare ups (when material catches on fire). Air assist works well for engraving also. It reduces the residue build up on the front surface which must be removed later.

Air assist is best used with a cutting grid so the air can flow through the cut without getting trapped on the underside.

LONGER Air Assist Kit

Air assist nozzle with air tube entering it


▶ Products we make:


The products shown here were sent to me by LONGER for review. The video, description, and comments may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link, I may receive a commission. Money earned helps to support my channel and bring you more informative videos about engineering, crafting, and DIY.


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