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How to Store Gel Blaster Balls, Splat Balls, Orbeez, Gel Beads | Keep them good and ready for months

This is how I store Gel Balls (splat balls, orbeez, water beads) for Gel Blasters indefinitely until I'm ready to use them.

Keep them in a sealed container and fill with water until they are covered. Add 1 drop of antibacterial soap to keep nasties from growing. Mix them up a bit. Put the lid on and store it away in a cool place. When you are ready to use them, rinse to remove the soap and play. If you have some leftover, repeat the storage process.

I like using the Gellet Depot to grow, store, drain and dispense the gel balls. It makes it a lot easier to not have to use multiple containers and funnels. Buy it here.


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00:00 What happens when you don't properly store gel balls

00:22 How to properly store gel balls submerged in water

00:32 Add a drop of soap to prevent anything nasty from growing

00:43 Mix them to spread the soap, and store

00:54 Drain and rinse the gel balls before using them


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Why You NEED this Gel Ball Dispenser | Gel Blaster's GELLET DEPOT grows, stores & dishes out ammo

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