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How To Replace An RV Fridge Gasket On An Old Fridge That Doesn't Have Spare Parts like Dometic

If you have an RV fridge that needs a new gasket, but the manufacturer no longer makes spare parts for it, you will need to get it custom made. I have a Dometic Coolmatic RPD-0110U that is 15+ years old, and could not find a replacement gasket for it anywhere. The original gasket has become hard and brittle, and no longer seals well (there are some gaps that a piece of paper will pass through).

I contacted Domestic, and they told me that first of all my fridge is a European model not sold in the US (I bought it new in eBay shipped from US seller). Then they sent the parts drawings, but the gasket was not on there. When I pointed that out, they said that the door and gasket are sold as one unit, you can't just buy the gasket.

So, my solution is to get a custom gasket made. makes custom fridge gaskets. However you need to know what style gasket profile you have, and find a replacement one that closely matches it. Thickness of the gasket is the most important feature, and whether the gasket has the magnet inside it.

Fortunately, they sell a Sample Gasket Ring kit that allows you to test to see what gasket profile most closely matches the one you have.

  1. Buy the Sample Ring Kit.

  2. Determine which gasket profile you need.

  3. Measure the existing gasket outer dimensions.

  4. Order the gasket through

Santoprene VS PVC Gasket

Bare Refrigeration offres gaskets in Santoprene or PVC. If possible, select Santoprene, because it is a higher quality material. Santoprene gaskets are longer lasting and more durable than our standard PVC gaskets. Santoprene gaskets can withstand temperatures ranging from -50° to 275° degrees fahrenheit (compared to -20° to 150° degrees fahrenheit for PVC gaskets).


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