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How To Flame Anodize Titanium for Wicked Cool Colors | Marksmith Ti Bolt Action Marker Heat Anodize

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My buddy Gaston brought his MAP gas torch to the shop to demonstrate how to heat (flame) anodize titanium. Specifically the body of our Marksmith Titanium Bolt Action Permanent Marker.

We used this MAP gas torch kit by Bernzomatic -

My buddy Gaston Liang is going to demonstrate how to flame anodize the titanium Marksmith body. He has a lot of experience with flame anodizing titanium, but this is his first try with the Marksmith. 

Before flaming, the part was thoroughly cleaned with acetone, and then handled with clean gloves. There are a few things to consider that will affect the final appearance. The wall thickness is non uniform, so different areas will heat up at different rates. The Marksmith is held in place at the tip by a screw, which will act as a heat sink and make it difficult to heat that area, and if you heat too much it will create white areas. Ideally it should be held with an insulator.

The colors go from yellow, bronze, purple, blue, green, white (which is titanium dioxide and not desirable). The secret is to heat the part uniformly, by focusing heat on the thicker parts to maintain the heat throughout the whole part. 

We’re using a MAP gas torch, which has a much hotter flame.

Start by moving the flame along the whole length, spending more time at the thicker areas or where heat will be conducted away, like at the tip.

It’s already starting to turn to bronze around the slot opening, because that area is thin and has less material. So now we’re going to move the heat to the areas with more material.

The middle is changing to bronze so...

Now continue moving the heat towards the tip where there’s a heat sink effect from the attachment screw.

Once it all mostly matches, move to the back where it hasn’t changed yet.

Ok now the whole body is mostly matched in color and fairly uniformly heated, so we can start moving along the whole length and observe the colors changing.

Here you can see after the bronze comes purple, and then fairly rapidly transitions to blue

You can kinda drag the colors along too.

Gaston makes it look easy, but he says that it took a lot of practice to get the hang of it, and with more practice on these Marksmith bodies he could get an even better appearance.

Don't touch the parts until they have cooled down, because they are hella hot.

I hope that you enjoyed Gaston’s quick and dirty titanium flame anodizing tutorial. If you found this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos developing EDC products like the Marksmith Titanium Permanent Marker. See you in the next one!

How To Flame Anodize Titanium for Wicked Cool Colors | Heat Ano Marksmith Ti Bolt Action Marker

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