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How to Fix Mitutoyo Calipers Dashes Flashing on Display After Replacing Batteries

After replacing a dead battery in my Mitutoyo calipers with a fresh new good quality battery (Buy batteries on Amazon) the display started flashing with dashes, and no amount of button pressing would make it go away. I had to do a little research to find out that the way to get rid of the dashes is to do a hard reset. Watch this video above to learn how to fix the issue on the standard Mitutoyo Digimatic calipers:

Watch the video below to learn how to reset and fix the Mitutoyo IP67 Absolute calipers.

Buy only good quality replacement #357/303 (Sr44sw) watch batteries -

Buy the 6" Mitutoyo Calipers here -

Buy the 8" Mitutoyo Calipers here -

BATTERIES: There are 2 types of batteries that will fit in these calipers SR44 (silver-oxide) and LR44 (Alkaline). Although LR44 will work, you should only use SR44, because it is a superior quality battery that has many advantages. The capacity is higher, the voltage does not drop until almost completely discharged, and the shelf life is longer.

How to Fix Mitutoyo Calipers Dashes Flashing on Display

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Push the ORIGIN button and hold it for more than one second, until the flashing dashes disappear, and the screen shows a normal reading. Then the Mitutoyo calipers will operate normally again.


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