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How To Export ADOBE RUSH Projects From Mobile Phone To Desktop PC RUSH And PREMIERE PRO (Now that Adobe Cloud Storage Sync has been removed/shut down/deleted/never to be seen again)

If you're reading this, then you know that the best feature of Adobe Rush on mobile devices was the convenience of doing quick edits on the go, and then sync with Adobe Premiere over the Adobe Cloud Storage to do more powerful and final editing, but now that Adobe Cloud Storage has been shut down forever the sync feature is broken and Adobe Rush has been left orphaned without any apparent way to move projects to edit them on Adobe Premiere... until now. Let me show you an easy way to continue synchronizing projects from Adobe Rush Mobile to Adobe Premiere on the PC.

Watch the video to see how to sync Adobe Rush Mobile to Adobe Premiere on the PC.


These steps are shown on an Android phone. The steps should be similar for Apple iPhone.

- Open the ADOBE RUSH mobile app

- Click on the settings (GEAR icon at the top right)

- Click on Preferences

- Click on Share Logs

- Click on Share Project Files And Logs

- Select your cloud storage of choice to upload the Project Files and Logs zip file to.

In this case, I'm using Google Drive. Note that this does not upload any media. You will need to upload the media to PC separately.

- Choose the cloud storage drive location to save the files to.

- Now it's time to head over to the Windows PC.


- Find the file named "Rush Project logs" that was uploaded using the cloud storage.

- The file will not have a file extension. Single-click on it until it is renamable, and add the .zip file extension.

- Extract/unzip that file

- Open the unzipped folder

- Open the "Team Projects Local Hub" Folder

- Open the next folder "2021" or whatever it may show there.

- Now there may be 1 or 2 folders "LOCAL" and "SYNCHRONIZED". Open one of those folders, and inside will be the RUSH project folders. They will have a long nonsensical name of hex digits.

- COPY one or more of these folders.

- On the Windows PC, go to the file location C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Team Projects Local Hub\2021\local

NOTE: The AppData folder may be hidden. Enable show hidden folders to see it.

- PASTE the folders from the mobile export into this directory.

- Make sure that the media files associated with those projects have also been exported and are stored in a separate video project folder.


- On the ADOBE PREMIERE PRO home screen, click "Open Premiere Rush Project" in the lower left.

- Select the new manually uploaded RUSH project.

- PREMIERE PRO will pop up an error window saying "Missing media for these clips". Click LOCATE and find the folder where the media is stored. This will link the media to the project.

Now the project can be saved as an ADOBE PREMIERE PRO project!

Come on ADOBE! Would it be that hard to streamline this feature using our own cloud storage, like Dropbox, which you have already integrated into RUSH? At least please don't get rid of this workaround solution.


Thanks to this post by Nicole Evans and this post on the Adobe Community forum, I was able to piece together this work around.


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