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How To Aim GoPro Action Camera Using Laser Pointer

When head mounting the GoPro action camera, it's difficult to get the angle correct to properly frame the shots, especially when filming in a narrow mode.

Jeremy Cook did a cool hack where he built a laser module to attach to the base of the GoPro camera to help center shots. His video shows how useful it is. I'd rather buy an off the shelf keychain laser pointer and 3D print a simple attachment for it.

So I need the smallest keychain laser pointer I can find. Unfortunately, most of the cheap keychain laser pointers I can find all have a led light mode too, which is unnecessary for this application and makes the pointer larger. I only want the laser to turn on momentarily while I adjust the GoPro angle and get an idea where shot center is before starting to record.

The smallest keychain laser I could find is this one sold at Office Depot.

I can design a 3D printed part that will hold the laser pointer at the top left of the camera, and hook over the lens, and snap over the back. That way it can be easily removed when not needed.

This laser pointer also appears fairly small, and could be a good alternate choice to the one Quartet brand shown above.

To be continued...


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