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How To Add A MOSFET Mod To Gel Blaster

There are several reasons why a MOSFET is a good upgrade for a gel blaster.

  1. Extends trigger switch life

  2. Faster response

  3. Programmability (3 round or more burst, Rate of fire adjustment, mag capacity setting and reload time out, etc...)

  4. LiPo low voltage cutoff to prevent damaging batteries

The least expensive MOSFETs, like the JeffTron Micro Mosfet II have no programmability and are simply used to bypass the trigger switch. They allow higher current carrying capacity, and no arcing, so the trigger switch will last longer. These are good for pistol blasters or rifle blasters where you don't need any fancy features.

This MOSFET is still reasonably priced and offers a lot of programmability options. URRKII Airsoft Mosfet G3 Programmable

I've read that this is similar/copy of the Burst Wizard, which is not much more expensive. Burst Wizard website and manual (plug and play), or hardwired.

The programming looks like a total pita. Hopefully, it's set it and forget it.

There are more expensive Mosfet options, but they are overkill for the gel blaster application.


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