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First MARKSMITH Production Has Arrived - KICKSTARTER Update #15

I have received the first small batch of production Marksmiths. This is the first 104 pcs of the 500 pcs 1st production run to do some initial inspection while the remainder wait for the boxes.

They look amazing. I'm very pleased with the appearance and finish. They function well too.

We are closely inspecting each one and will update when complete.

Some of the tips aren't fully tightened, making the connection more visible.


Some have been requesting a [firm] delivery schedule. The recent delays in the production have been due to making revisions because of errors made by the machine shop. Every time a change has to be made, there's a lot of back and forth discussion and sharing of progress involved, so it can take time to resolve issues. We also have to analyze the design, modify parts, and test to figure out why the error is happening and how it can be solved.

Therefore setting a firm delivery schedule date has been difficult not knowing if there will be more changes needed and how long they will take to resolve. If we set a date and miss it, then it decreases trust. I prefer to continue keeping you updated on regular events as we move forward, and trust that you will get your Marksmith. We want to deliver a marker to you of the highest quality to build confidence in our future titanium product designs.

I'm happy with the progress that we have made to a quality marking tool. I'm not happy with the time it has taken to arrive at this point because it means that we are still not able to sell them outside of Kickstarter, and it pushes back the launch of new products like MARKSMITH Ultra-Fine. Fortunately, MARKSMITH Ultra-Fine development has progressed in parallel to this one due to the similarity and will be able to begin the production of that one during the future Kickstarter campaign and deliver quickly after.

As of now, we have ~100 pcs in hand that require close inspection, and ~400 more pieces to be shipped soon with packaging. Once the 100pcs are inspected, then I can move forward to approve the next production run, and start shipping out the first batch.


Daniel and Team Engineerable


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