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Best Gel Ball Ammo for Gel Blasters (7.5mm or 7-8mm Diameter)

I get a lot of questions about what the best gel balls are to use, and can I use brands of gel balls different from the gel blaster manufacturer brand.

Yes, you don't need to only use the brand of gel balls that matches your gel blaster. You can use any brand of gel ball that is the same size spec as your blaster, which is usually 7.5mm (or also reffered to as 7-8mm).

Most gel balls that come with the blasters, or are branded for those blasters are of generic, medium quality. Using a harder, higher quality gel ball is an easy way to improve the performance of your blaster, even if it's a cheap blaster.

Hopper style gravity fed blasters are much more tolerant of poor gel ball quality. Magazine fed gel blasters will jam more easily if the gels are too small or too large.

Properly Growing The Gel Balls

Most people's issue with poor blaster performance (gel balls not shooting far, falling out of barrel, poor accuracy) are caused by undergrown gel balls. If you are using tap water that is "hard" (high mineral content), it can cause the gel balls to never grow large enough to shoot properly, even if you let them soak more than 4 hours.

The easy solution to growing gel balls to their optimal size is to use distilled water. Yes, that means you have to buy the water in gallon jugs, but it will solve your problems.

What Are The Best Gel Balls?

Hardest and most accurate (and probably the most expensive):

Then there's other good hardened gel balls:

What Are The Best Glow Gel Balls?

What Are The Most Economical But Still Good Gel Balls?

Many times we're playing with kids who just blow through ammo like nothing, so there's no point in using the best stuff that's also more expensive. When the best hardened ammo is a waste for backyard play, this ammo will be good enough, and it's inexpensive.

Ausgel has a reputation for quality gel balls, in fact they make the best gel balls available, the Ultra Elites, but those are pricey and best for competitive use. The Ausgel Super Gels are not as hard, but still higher quality and harder than most generic gel balls available.


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