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Backerkit Shipping Surveys Will Be Emailed Within 24 Hours

Backerkit Shipping Surveys will be sent out within 24 hours!

HEADS UP! Be on the watch for the Backerkit shipping survey email within 24 hours. The following summary outlines what to expect in the Backerkit surveys.

Backerkit is where you will enter your shipping address. We do not yet have any of your shipping information. If you move before your Marksmith ships, you will also be able to update your address by returning to Backerkit.

Backers who have requested to add on more MARKSMITHS to their order. You will now be able to add additional Marksmiths to your order in the Add-On section of Backerkit. You can add one extra Marksmith and refills with no increase in shipping.

Additional refills are available as add-ons. Marksmith comes with one refill installed and a spare refill. If you want more refills, you can add them on. I've had unused marker cartridges sitting around for years without drying out, so you don't have to be concerned about shelf life. Don't worry, I'll be shipping you fresh new ones.

Customize your Marksmith with an engraving

I've had requests from backers for custom laser engraving on the Marksmith, so I've added that option on BackerKit. There is also a laser engraving option if you add on a Marksmith Highlighter. We have our own laser engraver in-house and can achieve a dark annealed style mark as shown in the image. It changes the color of the titanium without removing any material, so it leaves the surface smooth. The color change goes deep and won't scratch off.

Marksmith Highlighter Add-On

In a previous update, I showed how Marksmith also works as a highlighter using Sharpie brand highlighter cartridges. If you missed it, here's the video:

There's a MARKSMITH HIGHLIGHTER add-on available in the Backerkit survey for those who want an extra Marksmith dedicated for highlighting.

Add-on a Marksmith Highlighter to your order. Cross compatible with permanent marker cartridges too.

There are also Yellow Highlighter cartridge add-ons available for anyone who wants to use them in their Marksmith. They are compatible and interchangeable with the permanent marker cartridge.

And you asked for the highlighter assortment, so that will also be available as an add-on

Highlighter color multipack is compatible with your Marksmith.

Thank you,

Daniel and Team Engineerable

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