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Adding a Tool Changer To HAAS TM-1 CNC Milling Machine

I recently bought a 2005 HAAS TM-1 that didn't have an umbrella tool changer. Fortunately, it had the machined mounting area at the top of the column for the tool changer arm. Unfortunately, HAAS won't sell you a tool changer for an open machine, even if you intend to close it. They will sell you the support arm though, so if you can find a used tool changer from a TM-1 or Mini Mill, then you can add it to your TM-1.


▶ Tool Changer - From HAAS if your machine is enclosed. Otherwise need to find a used one pulled off a machine in hopefully good condition.

▶ Tool Changer Arm # 20-1118E - Direct from HAAS

▶ Leeson Umbrella Shuttle Motor 24 RPM. Replaces Haas # 32-1875 Tool Changer Motor (Does not come with the electrical connector) -


▶ PART 1: Installing the Support Arm and Slide -

▶ PART 2: Umbrella Shuttle Motor Install (Inexpensive) -

▶ PART 3: Drip Loop for Umbrella Shuttle Motor -

Watch Part 1: Installing the Support Arm

The tool changer support arm is part# 20-1118E Description is T/C SUPPORT ARM MACHINED. The Revision is E, and the main difference from the original support arm is that this arm goes horizontal first over the backsplash and towards the front of the machine, and then descends vertically.

Watch Part 2: Installing an [Inexpensive] Shuttle Motor

The tool changer that I purchased to add to our HAAS TM-1 was missing the umbrella shuttle motor (Haas # 32-1875). I was able to purchase the motor for much less expensive than what HAAS charges. This motor is the same quality, made by LEESON, and advertised as a direct replacement for the stock motor.

At the time of this installation in 2022, this motor cost $260, which is $400 less than HAAS OEM motor, which costs $665 (Feb 2022 price).

Watch Part 3: Shuttle Motor Cable Drip Loop

Shuttle Motor Wire Connector

The Leeson shuttle motor comes with bare wires. There's no connector on the end of the wires. The original connector is an uncommon MOLEX 0.125 diameter plug housing that appears to no longer be manufactured. 0.125in diameter pin and socket connectors in general no longer appear to be manufactured. 0.093 is the more common size.

For this application, the 0.125 was used for the higher current rating.

  • Status Obsolete

  • Replacement Part Number 03122022 w/differences

  • Category Crimp Housings

  • Series 4306

  • Application Power, Wire-to-Wire

  • Product Name HCS-125

  • UPC 800754942560

Here's the female receptacle on Radio Shack's website Catalog №: 2740154, and this claims to be the male plug (that goes on the motor side) Catalog №: 2740151, but the image doesn't look right.

Searching for HCS-125 brings up a more recent revision (still discontinued) that has a different housing shape.

By sheer luck, I had one of these connectors from Radio Shack that came in the parts cabinets I scored from Radio Shack when they closed most of their stores a few years ago. Here's the packaging for that:


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Adding A Tool Changer To HAAS TM-1 CNC Mill | PART 1: Installing the Support Arm and Slide

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