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BoBdotEXE reviews the TimeDock charging dock for his Pebble Time Steel with Steel band. He makes several interesting points about the charging and use aspects of the TimeDock. Check out when he sticks the dock to the cabinet door, and it stays there using the micro suction tape base.

One interesting point he makes is that his watch has fallen off the desk or table many times when using the original Pebble Time charging cable, and that this won’t happen anymore with the TimeDock. The Pebble Time won’t be endanger of falling and breaking when it is properly docked on the TimeDock because of the non-slip base. Using the original Pebble Time charging cable, he demonstrates how the vibration feature can cause the watch to rattle itself off the table or desk that you set it on, and then goes on to show how it won’t happen when charging the Pebble Time on the TimeDock.

Many TimeDock users tell us how much they appreciate the stronger magnets in the TimeDock. The stronger magnets attract the Pebble Time securely to the charging port, and give a much better feeling of security and peace of mind that the Pebble Time will be fully charged when you return.

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