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Black KRIG Shoulder Rig V1.2.b

Built a new KRIG using black anodized extrusion. This is going to be used with a Canon video camera that has a flipout style screen, so it does not need an extra offset bar to suppor the camera in front of the cameramans face as with a DSLR.

The handle going over the camera will also support a boom mic.

Changes from V1.2

  • It's black.

  • 2 thumbscrews being used to hold on the counterweights. One thumbscrew clamps a small flat piece of aluminum in front of the weight to keep it from sliding too far onto the frame. The other thumbscrew threads into the end of the frame, and clamps the weight. Thumbscrews are from McMaster, part # 6390K51 Metric Phenolic Four-arm Knob, M5 X .8 Threaded Stud, 15 Mm Stud Length, 25mm Dia

  • Added Handle/Mic Mount using two 150mm lengths of extrusion, and the adjustable side brackets.

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