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1UP USA Bike Rack Long-term Review, Mods and Improvements

I've owned the 1UP USA bike rack for almost 10 years, and it has been an excellent bike rack. The best bike rack I've ever had. The best part is that since there are no plastic parts, nothing is breaking down in the sun, and there's also no steel to rust.

Nothing on this rack has broken or worn. Everything works like new. The aluminum still looks great. It stays on the back of my van, outdoors all year long, and grtd used all the time.




Quick Adjust, Toolless, Better Centering Tire Holders

I designed and 3D printed these quick-adjust, toolless tire holders for the 1UP USA bike rack. They also center the tire better and keep the bike more secure. I've used them since installing the rack and they are awesome and have held up well.

Handle For Lowering


Fat Bike Adapter

To get the quick adjust modification I made to work with the wider fat bike adapter, I had to buy longer bolts. Because of the tool-less nut on the outside, the bolt has to be longer than the one that comes with the kit. A 6.5in long bolt is perfect. The fat bike adapter kit adds 1.75in of extra width.

The bolts specs:

  • 5/16-18

  • Stock 1UP bolt length (non-fat tire version) = 5.25in

  • Fatbike adapter bolt length as supplied by 1UP = 6in

  • Bolt length needed for quick adjust mod = 6.5in


Brake, Turn Signal, Taillight Bar

I added this brake and turn signal taillight bar to the back of the rack and plugged it into the trailer connector. This increases the brake and turn signal visibility a lot, because the bike wheels block the tail lights.

The light bar is encased in an aluminum housing and pretty strong on its own. It comes with foam mounting tape on the back, which I used to mount it to a half height piece of 80/20 t slot extrusion (0.5in x 1in) to give it a strong base to attach to and make it easier to attach to the rack by using the T slot hardware.

I noticed that people keep their distance more with this light bar installed.

Swing Out

I use the KUAT PIVOT 2 swing out adapter to swing the bikes away from the van to open the rear doors. They have a passenger side and driver side option.

I have the passengers side because I bought it before the drivers side was available. I wish I had the driver's side, because the most traveled path is between the passengers side sliding door and rear door, and whenever we camp, we face the passengers side door towards the campsite, which leaves us walking around the bikes all the time.

The downside to the drivers side option is that if you are parked on the street, it swings the bike into the road.

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