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PYRO Mag Is Easiest Glow Tracer Upgrade for Splatrball SRB400 & SRB1200 | No Modification Necessary

Now Splatrball has released their own tracer mag called the PYRO Mag, and it works with the SRB1200 as well as the SRB400. At 550 rounds it is a little bit larger than the stock SRB400 magazine (400 rounds) and it is smaller than the stock SRB1200 magazine (1200 rounds). It requires 2 AAA batteries so the power is independent from the blaster, and has an on off switch.

I've modded many gel blasters and gel blaster magazines to allow them to illuminate glow-in-the-dark gel balls to act as tracer rounds when shot. I've modded both the SPLATRBALL SRB400 and the SRB1200 with internal tracer mods by adding UV LED in the t-piece and wiring it to the mag terminals to light up when the trigger is pulled. I've also added UV LED light strips to the feed tube on the regular and drum mag to illuminate the glow gel balls as they travel up towards the blaster.

SPLATRBALL has now released their own glow tracer mag called PYRO. It works a lot like the mag mods that I made using the UV LED strip shining on the feedtube. The main difference is that it is powered by two AAA batteries, instead of being powered from the mag power.

They also have their own ammo that feeds very well in the SRB400 and SRB1200 blasters. Most other cheap glow gel ammo (except for Gelstrike) grows too large and jams in mag fed blasters. I had no jamming issues at all with the Splatrball PYRO Glow ammo, even when doing a whole mag dump.


Watch the original DIY tracer mag video

▼This tracer mod for the SPLAT-R-BALL SRB400 Gel Blaster Magazine is super easy. All you need is a 5V UV LED strip, and a few basic tools. Very simple to DIY for fun nighttime play.


▶ USB 5V UV LED Strip -


▶ Wire Strippers and Cutter -

▶ Xacto Knife -

▶ Screwdriver (#0 or #1 Phillips) -

▶ Soldering Iron (Cheap, but good enough for this) -

▶ 75 Watt Soldering Iron Station (Nice, but more expensive) - - Watch my video about this soldering iron -

▶ Black Electrical Tape -


▶ Glow In The Dark Gel Balls: (GelStrike works in mag-fed blasters)

▶ SplatRBall SRB400 Kit ((Shown in this Video) Orange, With Stock):

▶ SplatRBall SRB1200 Kit:

▶ SplatRBall SRB400-SUB Kit (Blue, Without stock):

▶ Gel Blaster SURGE (Watch the other tracer video for this one) -

▶ SplatRball 20K Orange Ammo -

▶ SplatRball Blaster 400 Round Capacity ORANGE Magazine -

▶ SplatRball Blaster 400 Round Capacity BLUE Magazine -

▶ SplatRball Blaster 1800 mAh Rechargeable Battery with Charging Cable -


▶ Products we make:


▼ PYRO Tracer Video Chapters:

NEW EASY TRACER MAG MOD for Splatrball SRB400 Gel Blaster light up glow in dark orbeez splat ball

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