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How To Replace Spider Gasket on Pentair Pool Filter Multiport Valve | Cedar Park Pool

Tutorial on how to replace the spider gasket on a pool filter multiport valve. Buy gasket for 2" pipe valve here.

The manufacture recommends using a Loctite adhesive (401, 403, and 416) that is actually cyanoacrylate (super glue). However, that is a very aggressive glue and is a huge pain to remove the gasket and clean out all the glue when it is time to replace. It is important to only apply a small bead of super glue to the bottom of the groove and not to the walls. RTV silicone is a less aggressive adhesive and will be easier to remove when it comes time to replace. RTV won't last as long as super glue, especially if the chlorine level is high, it causes the gasket to stretch and bulge.

E6000 adhesive is another option that is stronger than RTV silicone and easier to clean up than super glue.

Permatex 81731 Super Weatherstrip Adhesive is also recommended as a good adhesive that holds better than RTV silicone, but easier to clean than super glue.

3M has several similar weatherstrip adhesives that can be used for better bond than RTV silicone.


271148 2-Inch Diverter 5 Spoke Gasket Replacement For Pentair Pool and Spa Multiport Valve


▶ RTV Silicone

Permatex 81731 Super Weatherstrip Adhesive

E6000 adhesive

3M Black Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive, 08008

Specifically, this is for the Cedar Park Pool and Clubhouse.


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How To Replace Spider Gasket on Pentair Pool Filter Multiport Valve | Cedar Park Pool

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