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Kickstarter Tip #5 - Easy way to get backers to double their pledge

We've discovered an easy way to convince backers to double their pledges. This works particularly well with Early Bird pledges, or offering a second item at a discount. Usually one of the lowest pledge levels only includes 1 item, and often times these are EB pledge levels. You can tell people on the Kickstarter page, or in the pledge description that they can add extra $$ or double their pledge for more than one item, but often times backers don't read that. The easy way to get people to double their pledge, especially if they already think that they're getting a great deal on 1 item, is to send individual direct messages, or messages to a whole backer level. In this message you can let them know about an exclusive deal that is only available to their pledge level. Also, give concise directions on how to increase their pledge. This tactic was used very successfully in several of our campaigns, most notably the TimeDock 2 for Pebble Time 2 and Pebble 2.

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