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Indiegogo Tip #1: Adding Animated Gifs To The Page

Indiegogo allows you to use html to edit the page layout. If you're transitioning from Kickstarter, you'll find that there's much more flexibility to the appearance of the page. One thing that's difficult to add is animated .gifs.

1. The Gifs must be hosted somewhere else. You can host these on your website, a public cloud storage folder, or photo site. The file must have a publicly accessible url (EXAMPLE: )

2. The links to the gifs must be added using the HTML view, and it's not formatted very nicely. The easiest way to add them is to copy and paste the following HTML at the top of the HTML editor view

<img src="INSERT-GIF-URL-HERE" />

3. Then revert to the WYSIWYG view, highlight the gif, CUT it, scroll and place the cursor where you want the gif, and PASTE.


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