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What's Inside a Keyless Drill Chuck | How To Take Apart and Re-Assemble | Remove From CNC Taper Tool

I take apart a jammed keyless chuck to fix it and find out what's inside. The brand is AccuPro, but the chuck is is a generic keyless chuck design, the same model/design is sold by many brands, most of which are made in China or Taiwan. The chuck was totally jammed and the body would not rotate to tighten or loosen. Watch how I fixed it:

I thought it was stuck due to corrosion, but when I was finally able to remove the CAT 40 taper tool holder shank, the chuck body freed up and rotated easily. The clearance between the chuck internal and external body is very tight. The jaw tips were a little bit smashed as if it had been dropped on the end. I suspect that it was indeed dropped on the tip, causing the heavy CAT40 tool holder to shove the taper hard into the drill chuck, expanding the internals just enough to jam against the external housing and preventing it from rotating.

The front cover screws off the body. Then the jaws can be removed. The jaw guide also unscrews, revealing the internal screw that moves the jaws. This screw has a reverse thread and when removed reveals through-hole access to the taper.


▶ JT2 Taper Mount 1/2" Keyless Chuck:

▶ JT6 Taper Mount 1/2" Keyless Chuck: or

▶ JT6 Taper Mount 5/8" Keyless Chuck: or

▶ JT33 Taper Mount 3/8" Keyless Chuck:

▶ JT33 Taper Mount 1/2" Keyless Chuck: or

▶ JT33 Taper Mount 5/8" Keyless Chuck:

▶ CAT40 Integral 1/2" Keyless Chuck:

▶ CAT40 Integral 5/8" Keyless Chuck:


▶ Products we make:


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