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What Are The Best Gel Blasters of 2024?



  1. UNLOCX V1 (Blue and White) and V2 (Black and Gold) Pistols retail for $59, but are often for sale under $50. Shoots at ~220FPS. Mag fed. Accurate.

  2. COSMOXTOYS Aquanaut. Best hopper-fed blaster. 170FPS

  3. GEL BLASTER SURGE and STARFIRE - 175 FPS. Hopper fed.

  4. NERF PRO GELFIRE MYTHIC - This was initially overpriced for the FPS, but now that the price has dropped to $35, it's a great deal. The proprietary hopper can be modded to accept regular hoppers or soda bottles.

  5. XShot Hyper Gel Trace Fire - Hopper fed but also has a magazine for extra capacity.

  6. XShot Hyper Gel HPG-700 Blaster - Mag fed and great performance for less than $50.

UNDER $100

UNDER $125

UNDER $150

UNDER $200

UNDER $300

OVER $300+


Most manual gel blasters are fairly inexpensive, however, some of the replica blasters cost as much or more expensive than electric blasters. The main advantage is no batteries need to be charged! So as long as you have hydrated gels, you are good to go into battle!


  1. Gel Zone Stormer (Only available at Target)

  2. Hydro Strike Nebula Pro (Only available at Walmart)


UNDER $100

UNDER $150


Do not use gel blasters in public or where bystanders can get hit. Do not display replica blasters in public. Misuse can result in criminal charges. Always use protective glasses and safety gear.

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