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UNLOCX Gel Blaster Review, Mods, Glow Tracer, and Teardown (4in1 and V1, V2)

What's In The Box? Watch the UNLOCX GEL BLASTER Unboxing & Detailed Review

What's In The Box?! Watch the UNLOCX V1 & V2 GEL BLASTER Unboxing & Review | Splatrball Power in Pistol Size |

UNLOCX V1 vs V2 Pistol Style Gel Blasters What's the Difference?


The tip of the 4in1 barrel extension is threaded (reverse thread). It's covered by the orange tip, which can be unthreaded, removed and replaced with an accessory like a glow tracer.

Glow Tracer Mod

Mag Tracer Mod

See Where You Shoot In The Dark with this NEW Easy Tracer Mag Mod for UNLOCX Splat Ball Gel Blaster

Internal Tracer Mod

One or two UV LEDs are added to the t-piece inside the blaster, and wired up to the mag contacts. The LED's turn on when the trigger is pulled and the blaster fires.

Video coming soon.

UNLOCX 4in1 Only Tracer

The tip of the barrel extension of the UNLOCX 4in1 Gel Blaster can be unscrewed (reverse thread) to reveal a M14 ccw thread that a barrel mounted muzzle type tracer can be attached to. The UNLOCX 4in1 is compatible with any of the barrel mounted tracers listed below, and any other tracers that fit M14 CCW threaded barrels.

Teardown (How to take apart and reassemble)

Coming soon...


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