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Solution to Windows 10 Update Failure on DELL Workstation - Error 0xC19001e2

Windows Update error 0xC19001e2 when installing Windows 10 Feature Update

there was a problem running preinstall.cmd scripts

"There was a program running preinstall.cmd scripts" ( Error Code: 0xc19001e2 )

I could not get Windows 10 to update to the newest version on my Dell Precicison T7610 Workstation. I tried all the generic solutions that involved deleting the update folders and starting fresh, or downloading the update, etc. Nothing worked until I found the solution suggested by someone on the Dell forum.

The update problem is caused by the Dell Encryption Management Agent. It is blocking Windows 10 feature updates. I found the first hint here. Updating or Uninstalling the Dell Data Security Package will remove the Dell Encryption Management Agent which will solve the problem. More info on that is in this Dell forum post. Since I don't use it, I chose to uninstall it, but even that wasn't straightforward. Unlike most apps that come with uninstallers, the Dell Encryption Management Agent does not, and probably for good reason as you don't want to accidentally uninstall it.

The uninstaller for the Dell Data Security package that includes the Encryption Management Agent must be downloaded from Dell and is available here.

Once the Dell Data Security package was uninstalled, Windows 10 feature update was able to proceed without any issue!


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