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NERF PRO GELFIRE MYTHIC Hopper Adapter For Standard Gravity Feed Hoppers (3D Printed)

NERF Gelfire Mythic Hopper Adapter For Standard Gravity Feed Hoppers

One main issue with the NERF GELFIRE is the custom hopper it uses. The Gelfire is not compatible with the standard threaded hopper that most other gravity hopper-fed gel blasters use, like Gel Blaster SURGE, STARFIRE, and SURGE XL. This means that you can only use the hopper that came with the NERF Gelfire, and you can't have any spare hoppers to prefill or replace when you inevitably lose the NERF one.

So I designed a 3D-printed hopper adapter that attaches to the NERF Gelfire feedneck and allows standard threaded hoppers to be screwed in.

Watch this video to see how it works:

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