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LIGHTNING BLASTER MRT Nylon by GelTactical - Best High Performance Gel Blaster Under $150

The Lightning Blaster MRT is the house brand of GelTactical. GelTactical is the US arm of M4A1 Gel Blaster in Australia who have been in the gel blaster game since it first started.

The Lightning Blaster is custom manufactured by WELL for GelTactical. It has some technical differences from normal WELL M4 gel blaster, like the barrel is standard 9.5mm OD instead of the 9.0mm OD that WELL normally uses. The gearbox also has hybrid metal/plastic gears. Utilizing metal gears in the highest stress areas, the motor pinion and bevel gear.


How to add a Hop-Up to the Lightning Blaster MRT


It's easy to buy more mags from GelTactical, but it's good to know that the Lightning Blaster is compatible with WELL type magazines.


The gearbox is made of plastic, but is high quality.

It is a V2 style gearbox. The motor is held in place by the handle grip.

The gears are a hybrid of metal and plastic. The motor pinion gear and the bevel gear are metal. These are the gears that most commonly strip when made from plastic, so it's good that they are metal. The rest of the gears and piston rack are plastic.


The motor is held in place by the grip, and the grip is screwed into the gearbox, like common airsoft V2 style gearboxes. The bottom of the grip has a quick release for quick, tool less access to the motor. The motor can be removed and replaced without the need for tools.


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