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Is MARKSMITH also the World's First Titanium Highlighter? - Kickstarter Update #11

I received a lot of questions as to whether the MARKSMITH FINE would be compatible with highlighter cartridges. Watch the video below to see the results.

I'll be doing a GIVEAWAY for a MARKSMITH production sample with a set of 5 highlighter cartridges (to be shipped with your Marksmith). All you have to do is LEAVE A COMMENT ON YOUTUBE VIDEO (About whether you would like to see the highlighters available as an add on (or don't care), and if you prefer a specific color, or want the set of 5 different colors) and BE A YouTube SUBSCRIBER (Link To SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel if you haven't already). One comment will be chosen as the winner. The giveaway ends when the winner has been announced in the YouTube video description.

I'll be reading your comments because I want to know the level of interest in the highlighter option to get an idea of how many highlighter cartridges I should prepare.

Production Update

Production is moving along. The machine shop says that they are 2-3 weeks from shipping.

The MARKSMITH ULTRA-FINE production samples have also been completed and will arrive soon. I've already gone through the prototype process with those and planned to launch a Kickstarter for them sooner, but based on the time that it has taken to get the MARKSMITH FINE production completed, I decided that it would be best to wait until the kinks have been worked out of the production samples.


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