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How To Increase HAAS TM-1 Spindle Speed from 4000 RPM To 6000 RPM


The following info are changes that were made to our equipment and for our reference only. Do not attempt to make any changes to your equipment. Only certified technicians with the proper skills are permitted to make changes to equipment.

STEP 1: Unlock The Parameters

1) Press Emergency stop.

2) Press the SETNG/GRAPH key.

3) Type 7 then press the down arrow.

4) Use the Left or Right Arrow to change to OFF.

5) When OFF is shown press WRITE/ENTER.

STEP 2: Change The Parameter Settings

1) Press PARAM/DGNOS key.

2) Enter 131.

3) Press down arrow.

4) Change parameter 131 from 4000 to 6000 and press WRITE/ENTER.

5) Enter 183.

6) Press down arrow.

7) Change parameter 183 from what it is (13333) to 20000, and press WRITE/ENTER.

The spindle should now run up to 6000 RPM.

NOTE: Make sure to break in the spindle at the higher speeds by running it for a while. Start with the regular warm up to 4000 RPM, and then increase by 10% increments for a few hours until you reach 6000 RPM.


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