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How To Build An Infinity Shower | A High Flow, Minimal Water Use Shower That Cleans & Recycles Water


  1. Use less than 5 gallons for a shower

  2. Filter the water

  3. Heat the water

  4. High-flow shower head (up to 5 gallons per minute for a nice strong shower). Since the water is being filtered and recycled, the flow rate can be stronger than traditional water-saving shower heads.

Future Goals

  1. Solar Powered

  2. Hydrocyclone filtration


Examples of commercial hydrocyclones

  1. Waterco Multicyclone 12 Centrifugal Filter - Uses 12 smaller cyclones, very similar to a Dyson vacuum cleaner in the way that it functions. Only removes particles that are denser than water.

Building The Base

Building The Deck


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