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How To Add Tracer Mod To SPLATRBALL Gel Blaster To Use Glow In The Dark Gel Balls To Play At Night

Playing at night with Splatrball gel blasters is fun, but it's even better when you can see where your shots are going. You can buy glow-in-the-dark gel balls, but they must be illuminated with a light source. UV LEDs are the most effective illumination source to charge the gel balls. Tracer units that attach onto the ends of the barrels are available, but they are expensive and have their own battery, which is one more thing to charge. The cheapest way to add a tracer mod is to add one or more LEDs to the T piece right below the nozzle before the gel balls enter the barrel. The parts for the mod cost less than $0.10 but in the case of the Splat-R-Ball SRB1200, you don't even need to buy any parts, because you can reuse the included LEDs.

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