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How To Add SST LUBE CUBE No Fog Coolant System FogBuster Style Coolant To HAAS TM1 CNC Mill

The HAAS TM1 (Mine is 2005, but most years will be similar) has a 15A 220V outlet for the coolant pump.

FogBuster and SST LUBE CUBE don't come with a solenoid to control them on and off from the CNC machine. Ideally we can use the coolant pump output.

The easiest way to connect it is to buy a 220V (240V) solenoid air valve. Any other voltage will require an adapter to transform the 220V to the voltage of the solenoid air valve (which could be 12, 24, 48, 110-120, or 220-240 Volts.

Do not attempt to connect a 120V device to a single leg of the 240V output. It is not designed for that, because there's no neutral connection, and the power is coming from 3 phase and controlled by a digital relay.

220V (240V) solenoid air valve

110V-120V solenoid air valve with transformer

110V-120V solenoid air valve with relay

A 220V-240V relay can be used to switch a 110V AC source to control a 110V AC solenoid air valve.

12V Solenoid air Valve with power adapter



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